Community-Based Programs

Drug addiction has touched nearly every person in our community. We are in the midst of an epidemic of substance abuse and overdoses that is unprecedented. Family Recovery Center has added new programs to serve those who are struggling in Columbiana and Jefferson Counties.

ADAPT of Columbiana County

ADAPT is a partnership of community stakeholders Communicating and collaborating with the community to support and promote healthy lifestyles across the lifespan.

ADAPT of Columbiana County, focuses on Mental Health Awareness, Drug & Alcohol Prevention, Tobacco-Free Living and Suicide Prevention across the lifespan of residents in Columbiana County, Ohio. With an emphasis on building protective factors in children, empowering women, strengthening men and enhancing the community, ADAPT is constantly assessing the needs of the community in an effort to develop programs, campaigns and events that target the general population.

Drug Free Workplace Training (Columbiana County)

A training program offered to businesses and organizations. Family Recovery Center provides training to Columbiana County businesses on how to develop effective workplace drug polices in the work setting, and provides up to date information on how to prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses by integrating drug-free efforts into their overall workplace safety program.

Gatekeeper Training

A certified “gatekeeper” trainer provides training to residents 15-100 years of age. Anyone is eligible for this training.

Participants first learn about the nature of suicidal communications, what forms these communications take and how they may be used as the stimulus for a Question Persuade and Refer (QPR) intervention. To gain perspective, participants are introduced to the history of suicide, suicide prevention and the spectrum of modern day public health suicide prevention education efforts. The history, background and research support for QPR are reviewed.

Problem Gambling Awareness

Promotion of the Get Set Before You Bet and Know You Limit, It's Your Best Bet campaigns targeting Columbiana County adults at outreach events throughout the year, with a heavy focus on media messaging during Problem Gambling Awareness Month in March. Campaign emphasizes prevention and awareness of the signs of problem gambling, responsible gambling behaviors, and where to seek help. Campaign activities provide outreach to the entire community.

United Prevention Partnership of Jefferson County (Drug Free Communities Program)

Mission Statement: The Jefferson County United Prevention Partnership’s mission is to prevent and reduce youth and adult substance use while promoting healthy lifestyles and choices using a

Multi-disciplinary approach.

Jefferson County United Prevention Partnership (UPP) is a coalition of representatives of 12 community sectors, including schools, government, law enforcement, service organizations, youth, parents, volunteers, healthcare, and more. The coalition has identified the following needs:

  • Establish and strengthen collaboration among public and private non-profit agencies
  • Support a county-wide effort to prevent and reduce marijuana and alcohol use among youth (18 years of age and younger)
  • Reduce marijuana and alcohol use among Jefferson County youth and
  • Ultimately reduce marijuana and alcohol use among adults in Jefferson County.