Family Recovery Center in Steubenville installs 24/7 Naloxone box to combat opioid overdoses



The Family Recovery Center in Steubenville has installed a Naloxone box in front of its facility.

This initiative aims to provide 24/7 after hours access to Naloxone, a medication that can reverse opioid overdoses.

"They have the various Narcan kits that they can utilize, protect themselves, some information on the Narcan project as well as the Family Recovery Center,” Family Recovery Center CEO Eloise Traina said.

Family Recovery Center has been providing Narcan for several years, but the Healing Community Program throughout Jefferson County was able to provide funding for the box to be installed so those in the community have immediate access.

"The Healing Community Program’s main purpose was to reduce overdose deaths, and this is giving the individuals that are maybe using drugs or alcohol, primarily opioid drugs, to protect themselves after hours,” Traina said.

The difference between over-the-counter Naloxone and what the Family Recovery Center box provides is not only the 24/7 access, but it is also free.

"Over the counter is one thing, but this is free,” Traina said. “There is no cost to them. It is being paid for by various grants, whether it be the Healing Community Grant or a local funding board. The State of Ohio certainly believes in this whole project, and they provide funding for it also going forward.”