School-Based Programs

Aiming High (Grades k-8)

The Aiming High Program is a comprehensive substance abuse and violence prevention program that utilizes the evidence-based Too Good for Drugs and Violence (TGFDV) curriculum and Botvin LifeSkills Training. Beginning in Kindergarten, each grade level has its own series of developmentally appropriate lessons incorporating real-world challenges youth face in school and beyond. Through fun and interactive lessons, songs, puppets, games, pictures, activities, and role-plays students learn new skills and information promoting pro-social skills and positive character traits. Aiming High helps children to grow up confident and strong by helping them learn how their choices affect their health and well-being and giving kids the tools they need to live a healthy life by realizing they are too good for drugs and violence.

Be You (Columbiana County)

Be You is a character building /Life Skills Program for 7th and 8th grade girls. Small group lessons include, Respect for Self and Others; Self-Image and Self-Improvement, Teen Dating Violence; Bonding and Relationships; Effective Communication; and Coping With Stress.

Vaping Intervention Programs

Our prevention educators offer vaping interventions using the Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health (INDEPTH) program offered by the American Lung Association. This alternative-to-suspension program is offered to students facing disciplinary action as a result of tobacco use on-campus. The program can be administered one-on-one or in a group setting, and it is intended for youth ages 13-19. INDEPTH consists of four 50-minute sessions intended to educate youth on the dangers of tobacco use while offering healthy alternatives. 

As a continuation of the INDEPTH program, we offer the Not on Tobacco (NOT) cessation program to youth who want to quit using tobacco. This voluntary program consists of 10 group sessions. The sessions have the following topics:

Session 1: Reasons for Quitting

Session 2: Why I Smoke/Vape

Session 3: Nicotine Addiction and Triggers

Session 4: Effects of Smoking/Vaping

Session 5: Physical, Psychological and Social Benefits of Quitting

Session 6: Quitting Nicotine Use

Session 7: Overcoming Obstacles to Quitting

Session 8: How to Deal with Stress

Session 9: Myths of Big Tobacco

Session 10: Staying Committed to Quitting

The NOT cessation program is an evidence-based program with an impressive success rate, with approximately 90% of teens who participate in the program cutting back or quitting tobacco altogether. 

Youth Coalition

Youth Coalition is a student-led drug and alcohol prevention program with added focus on school-specific issues such as bullying and mental health. The Youth Coalition promotes positive and healthy lifestyles by campaigning and bringing awareness to our schools and communities. Our vision is to one day reach all high school students in Columbiana County and Jefferson County.

To learn more about our Youth Coalition Program, click here.